Aidacom Profile

Aidacom Technology, founded in 2002 and located in south of China, Shenzhen city, we are a professional high- and new-tech company specializing in cleanroom construction service and ESD solutions to fix static electricity annoyances. We started to supply cleanroom design and construction services in 2002. With over more than 15 years of experience, we have hired numerous technical workers with expert construction skills for cleanroom design and constructions, which has helped us meet the needs of numerous international cleanroom turnkey projects, some of which are listed below.

Precision electronics cleanroom design and construction
Electronics factory cleanroom design and construction
Precision machinery cleanroom design and construction
FDA food cleanroom design and construction
Beverage industry cleanroom design and construction
GMP pharmaceutical cleanroom design and construction
Operating cleanroom design and construction
Sterile laboratory Cleanroom design and construction

We not only supply the cleanroom turnkey project, but also supply cleanroom consulting services.

In order to reduce the cost of our cleanroom construction and satisfy ever changing market demands for cleanroom projects and ESD consumables, we built several production lines in 2009 to manufacture the following products

Cleanroom HEPA Box with sealed DOP liquid trough
Cleanroom FFU
Cleanroom Filters
Cleanroom Laminar Flow Clean Benches
Cleanroom Air Shower with ESD Gate System
Cleanroom Clean Booth
Wireless ESD On-line Monitor System
ESD Gate System
And many ESD Products

We have independent import and export rights, making delivery to international customers quick and easy, as well as certification to ISO9001 management system and SGS/CE standards. By taking part in international and domestic exhibitions and working with international clients, our products are mainly sold to the United States and European countries.

Company Overview

Located in the Ji’antai Industrial Park of Shenzhen City, AIDACOM is a reliable manufacturing company and has been legally allowed to start an import or export business. The company can trace its roots back as a small processing plant to 1999, and then it was formally incorporated in 2002.

We at AIDACOM serve international clients every day.

Our product portfolio includes ESD tools, ESD packaging, cleanroom equipment and other types of quality devices. Many years of experience in the accumulation of professional knowledge and integrity management has given us much confidence to become one of the most trustworthy suppliers in the electrostatic discharge (abbreviated as ESD) industry.

We are headquartered in China’s most developed and most energetic coastal city – Shenzhen. This strategic location is less than 20 kilometers away from the Bao’an International Airport. As an option, our products can be also conveniently shipped worldwide via the Port of Shenzhen.

Department for international trade

Our international trade specialist is talking on the phone with a client in English.

Here is one of the highly knowledgeable members of our sales team. The elite international sales team is composed of over 10 employees, all of whom have received a high level of education and can speak English very well. All their dealings with customers are professional and honest.

At AIDACOM, we manage our business effectively according to SGS/CE and ISO9001 quality management system certification. We also participate in domestic and overseas exhibitions at regular intervals. Our products are mostly exported to the European and American countries.

  • Client visit
  • European and American customers at exhibition

Our warehouse covers an area of more than 800 square meters. There are always plenty of best-selling products in the warehouse, so that in an emergency our customers can get products in the shortest possible time.

  • Finished product warehouse
  • Inventories have been classified and piled up in our warehouse.